Current Season

2021-2022 Roster:

Seniors: Matthew Abraham, Liam Cross, Joel Jaskolski, Andrew Laroo, Jude Laskey, Nico Pascual, Michael Yousif

Juniors: Dominic Aiello, Will Carstens, Anthony Chalhoub, Andrew Kil

Sophomores: Dominic Apap, Lucas Jraiche, Oliver Kammeraad, Danny Moore, Andrew Zoltowski

Freshmen: Christian Bakkal, Jacob Barta, Connor Burke, Patrick Burke, Drew Cholak, Dylan Cregar, Jared Dufield, Christopher Goolsby, Yechiel Gutierrez-Diaz, Nick Murray, Patrick Phillips, Davis Starzacher, Ben Towne, Ben Yancey

Head Coaches: Ben Herman and Christopher Gismondi      Assistant Coach: Anthony Cornish

2021-2022 Schedule and Results

  1. September 18th- The Scottie Invitational (Glasgow, KY) (Scottie Set) (2 teams) RESULTS
  2. September 25th- The University of Kentucky Fall Invitational (Lexington, KY) (DAFT Set) (2 teams) RESULTS
  3. October 2nd- Cavalier Classic (Charlottesville, V) (IS-204) (2 teams) RESULTS
  4. October 16th- Beavercreek Invitational (Dayton, OH) (CALISTO) (3 Teams) RESULTS
  5. October 30th- DCC Novice Tournament (Novi, MI) (SCOP Novice 11) (5 JV Teams-All Staffers) RESULTS 
  6. November 7th- Tippecanoe Academic Challenge (Tipp City, OH) (IS-207A) (4 Varsity) RESULTS
  7. November 20th- The Anita Zuber Memorial Tournament (Hicksville, OH) (IS-206) (4 Varsity / 2 JV Teams) RESULTS 
  8. December 4th- Quaker Fall Open (Philadelphia, PA) (RAFT III) (1 Varsity Team) RESULTS
  9. December 11th- Middle School Kickoff Tournament (Novi, MI) (All Staffers)
  10. December 27th- DCC Alumni Tournament
  11. January 15th- ARCADIA at Ohio State University (ARCADIA) (Online) (1 Varsity Team) RESULTS
  12. January 16th- HARI Online (HARI) (Online) (2 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  13. January 29th- TQBA Winter Rodeo (Online) (IS-208) (3 Varsity-3 JV Teams) RESULTS
  14. February 12th- Delta Burke (Delta Burke)(Online) (4 Teams) RESULTS
  15. February 26th- Capital City Quiz Bowl Clash (Grand Ledge, MI) (IS-211-A) (4 JV Teams) RESULTS
  16. March 19th- Prison Bowl (New York City, NY) (Prison Bowl) (2 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  17. March 26th- MiNEWT (Online) (NEWT) (4 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  18. April 9th- Michigan State Championship Tournament (Online) (IS-210) (1 Team) STATE CHAMPS!
  19. April 23rd- East Brunswick Bears Pre-Nationals Tournament (East Brunswick, NJ) (DII-SCT) (1 Varsity Team) RESULTS
  20. April 30th- Carmel, IN (2 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  21. May 14th- Texas Invitational (Online) (SSNCT) (4 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  22. May 27th- High School National Championship Tournament (Atlanta, GA) (HSNCT) NATIONAL CHAMPS!!
  23. June 11th- National Scholastic Championship Tournament (Chicago Illinois) (PACE 2022)


A Team (Drew Laroo (co-captain), Liam Cross (co-captain), Michael Yousif, Will Carstens, Nico Pascual, Jude Laskey, Patrick Szendro)

  • Record: 182-25
  • In-State Record: 30-3
  • Tournament Wins: 12
  • NAQT State Champions
  • HSNCT National Champions
  • 13th PACE NSC

B Team (Joel Jaskolski, Jude Laskey, Matt Abraham, Patrick Szendro, Lucas Jraiche, Nick Murray, Francis Toma, Anthony Chalhoub)

  • Record: 76-76
  • In-State Record: 16-12
  • 60th at HSNCT
  • 57th at NSC 

C Team (Dominic Aiello, Lucas Jraiche, Nick Murray, Jacob Barta, Anthony Chalhoub, Oliver Kammeraad)

  • Record: 45-50

D Team 

  • Record: 29-37

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