Current Season

2017-2018 Roster:

Seniors: Lance Bassett, Robert Crawford, Jonah Fanning, Sean Gillikin, Ian Mascerhenas, Nathaniel Pascual, Frank Womac

Juniors: David DeBacker, Gavin DeWitt, Colin Stewart, Parker Stogdill

Sophomores: Billy Davidson, Robert Dedvukaj, Zachary Ernst, Michael Merrucci, Bryce Murray, Kyle Rodriguez, Chris Yousif

Freshmen: Nathan Arao, Michael Roycht, Logan Welter

Head Coaches: Ben Herman and Chris Gismondi      Assistant Coach: Anthony Cornish

2017-2018 Schedule and Results

  1. August 26th: The 2017 Scottie (Glasgow, KY)- 3 teams (Glasgow Set) RESULTS
  2. September 30th: Miami Valley Fall Kickoff (Miami Valley, OH)-2 teams (IS-168 Set) RESULTS
  3. October 14th: Michigan State Fall Kickoff Tournament (East Lansing, MI)-2 teams / 2 waitlisted (WHAQ II Set) RESULTS
  4. October 21st: DCC Novice Tournament (Novi, MI) All available staffers (SCOP Novice 8) RESULTS
  5. November 4th: ACF Fall (DeKalb, IL) 3 varsity teams (ACF Fall Set) RESULTS
  6. November 11th: Harvard Fall Tournament (Boston, MA)- 2 varsity teams (Harvard Fall Set) RESULTS
  7. November 18th: (Miami Valley, OH) (Maryland Fall Set) VARSITY RESULTS / JV RESULTS
  8. December 2nd: Autumn Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) (IS-172 Set) RESULTS
  9. December 9th: DCC Fall Middle School Tournament RESULTS
  10. December 16th: Catholic League Kickoff Tournament (Dearborn, MI) IS-167-A (Undetermined teams/staffers) RESULTS
  11. December 26th: 9th Annual DCC Alumni Tournament (Novi, MI) RESULTS
  12. January 6th: Shateyahronya III (Powell, OH) (GSAC Set) RESULTS
  13. January 20th: Loyola ULTIMA (Wilamette, IL) (RMBC Set) 2 Varsity Teams RESULTS
  14. January 27th: Rube Goldberg (East Lansing, MI) (IS-170 Set) 4 varsity teams RESULTS
  15. February 17th: WUHSAC (St. Louis, MO) (BHSAT Set) 2 varsity teams RESULTS
  16. March 3rd: Catholic League Championship (Dearborn, MI) (DEFT Set) 2 JV Teams RESULTS
  17. March 10th: Great Lakes Regional Academic Championship (Cleveland, OH) (GLRAC) 2 varsity teams RESULTS
  18. March 24th: Middle School State Championship (NAQT MS-26) All members for staffing RESULTS
  19. April 7th: NAQT State Championship (East Lansing, MI) (NAQT Division II SCT) RESULTS
  20. April 14-15: Texas Invitational (Houston, TX) (Day 1- Stevenson Memorial Set, Day 2- NAQT Division II ICT) STEVENSON RESULTSNAQT RESULTS
  21. April 20-21: Michigan High School Quiz Bowl State Championship (East Lansing, MI) 1 varsity team (IS-174 set)
  22. April 21st: Midwest Championship (Champagne, IL) 1 varsity team (FACTS set) RESULTS
  23. May 12th: DCC Spring Inivitational (Novi, MI) (SSNCT) RESULTS
  24. May 26th: NAQT HSNCT (Atlanta, GA)- (HSNCT Set) RESULTS
  25. June 2nd: PACE NSC (Reston, VA)- (PACE Set) RESULTS


A Team (Robert Crawford (Captain), Ian Mascarenhas, Jonah Fanning, Lance Bassett, Sean Gillikin, Colin Stewart)

  • Overall Record: 206-21
  • In-state Record: 54-2
  • Tournament Wins: 14
  • NAQT State Champs
  • 8th Place NAQT HSNCT
  • 11th Place PACE NSC

B Team (Sean Gillikin (Captain), Jonah Fanning, Robert Dedvukaj, Gavin DeWitt, Frank Womac, David DeBacker, Colin Stewart, Parker Stogdill, Nathaniel Pascual)

  • Overall Record: 111-67
  • In-state Record: 43-10
  • Tournament Wins: 0
  • NAQT State Runner-up
  • 51st Place NAQT HSNCT
  • 25th Place PACE NSC

C Team (Nathaniel Pascual, Parker Stogdill, Gavin DeWitt, Robert Dedvukaj, David DeBacker, Colin Stewart)

  • Overall Record: 55-34
  • In-state Record: 24-8
  • 51st Place NAQT HSNCT
  • 35th Place PACE NSC

D Team (Mike Merucci, Billy Davidson, Zachary Ernst, Bryce Murray, Chris Yousif, Kyle Rodrigues)

  • Overall Record: 25-25
  • Tournament Wins: 1

E Team (Chris Yousif, Kyle Rodrigues, Gavin Check, Logan Welter, Henry Csicsila)

  • Overall Record: 9-10

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