Seniors: Ryan Doyle, Austin Foos, Andrius Gobis, Sean Kelly, Keith Melong, Conor Nailos, Luke Stevenson, Denis Tchaouchev, Jack Watts, Cole Zaremski

Juniors: John Paul Ahme, Josh Cantie, Alex La Forest, Ean Maloney, Conner Reynolds, Daniel Ryan

Sophomores: Joshua George, Will Lamarra, Cassandra Mansuetti, Blake Mather, Austin Morton, James Wegienka

Freshmen: Lance Bassett, Nick Brown, Robert Crawford, Jonah Fanning, Jackson Fryer, Sean Gillikin, Chintan Maheshwari, Ian Mascarenhas, Nathaniel Pascual, Brandon Reynolds, Cole Rivers, Jacob Smith

Head Coaches: Ben Herman and Chris Gismondi      Assistant Coach: Anthony Cornish

The Catholic Central varsity academic team finished the 2014-2015 season as the most decorated and successful team in the history of the school.

The varsity A and B teams returned every member of teams that finished 14th and 21st at the previous year’s national championship tournaments.  The varsity A team smashed a 14 year old school record in wins (211) by winning an astounding 250 games during the course of the year.  In addition, the varsity A team ended the year ranked as the #1 quiz bowl team in the country.  The B team also set a new record for wins by a B team with 136, and finished the year ranked as the #9 quiz bowl team in the country.  Between the two teams a new school record was also set for most varsity tournament wins in a season with 14, which included two college tournament victories.

The season was capped off on the consecutive weekends of May 31st and June 7th.  At the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament in Rosemont, IL, the varsity B team finished as the highest B-team in the country by taking 21st out of 272 schools.  Not to be outdone, the varsity A team rattled off playoff wins against the #8, #, 7, and #4 teams in the country, before finally being ousted by eventual champion Arcadia (CA) to take 3rd place overall.

The following weekend in Reston, VA, the varsity academic teams competed in the PACE National Scholastic Championship.  With the varsity C team finishing #41 (highest C team) and the B team finishing #17 (highest B team), Catholic Central was the only school to finish with three teams in the top-50 and two teams in the top-20.

The varsity A team won an impressive 17 consecutive games, including avenging the previous weekend’s defeat at the hands of Arcadia, to clinch a spot in the finals against the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (TX).  The varsity A team answered the first 5 questions and opened a 200 point lead on their way to an eventual 470-370 victory over last year’s champion.  Senior captain Jack Watts was named to the tournament all-star team.

Individually, many Shamrock quiz bowlers were noted for their performances throughout the season.  Freshman Robert Crawford was awarded the Rising Stars Award at NAQT HSNCT for being the 6th highest scoring freshman.  Juniors Ean Maloney and Alex La Forest were given All-World Honorable Mention Honors in May.  While junior Conner Reynolds was named to the All-World Second Team.  Seniors Austin Foos and Jack Watts were named to the All-World First Team.  Senior Austin Foos, competed against over 130 other students claimed 2nd place in the nation at the National History Bee in Washington, D.C. Finally, seniors Jack Watts, Austin Foos, Andrius Gobis, and Conor Nailos were selected to represent Team Michigan at the National All-Star Academic Tournament in Columbus, OH.

Tournament Schedule:

  1. August 9th: VCU Open (Ann Arbor, MI) (1-3 Varsity Teams) (VCU Open) RESULTS
  2. August 10th: Texas Quiz Bowl Camp (Ann Arbor, MI (1-3 Teams) (TQBA Camp) RESULTS
  3. September 13th: Tar Heel Cup (Chapel Hill, NC) (1-2 Varsity Teams) (HSAPQ) RESULTS
  4. October 4th: Fall Kickoff Tournament (Sydney, OH) (4 Teams — all levels) (IS-137 A) RESULTS
  5. October 11th: PADAWAN at Ohio State (Columbus, OH) (2 Varsity Teams) (PADAWAN) RESULTS
  6. October 18th: White Cloud Invitational (White Cloud, MI) (1 Sophomore and 2 Freshmen Teams) RESULTS
  7. November 1st: DCC Novice Tournament (Novi, MI) (Upper Classmen-staffing) (3-4 JV Teams) RESULTS
  8. DCC Fall Middle School Tournament (Novi, MI) (Upper Classmen-staffing) RESULTS
  9. November 8th: ACF Fall –(DeKalb, IL) (3 Varsity Teams) (ACF Fall) RESULTS
  10. November 15th: BELLOCO Mirror (Columbus, OH) (BELLOCO) (3 Varsity Teams) RESULTS
  11. November 22nd: University of Kentucky Fall Championship (Lexington, KY) (3 Varsity Teams) (BISB) RESULTS
  12. December 6th: Rowdy Raider (Clayton, OH) (2 Varsity Teams) (IS-140) RESULTS 
  13. University of Michigan Autumn Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) (1 Varsity, 1 Freshman Team) (IS-140) RESULTS
  14. December 20th: New Trier Varsity (New Trier, IL) (1 Teams) (DEES) RESULTS
  15. December 29th: 5th Annual DCC Alumni Tournament (Novi, MI) (All available team members) (Maryland Spring Set) RESULTS
  16. January 17th: Oxford Open Mirror (Pittsburgh, PA) (2 Varsity Teams) (Oxford Open) RESULTS
  17. January 24th: ACF Regionals (East Lansing, MI) (3 Varsity Teams) (ACF Regs) RESULTS
  18. January 31st: Culver Academies Varsity and Frosh/Soph Tournaments (Culver, IN) (IS-142/IS 143-A) (3 Varsity/3 JV Teams) RESULTS
  19. February 14th: Solon Two-Day Tournament (Solon, OH) (3 Varsity Teams) (IS-144) RESULTS
  20. February 15th: Solon Two-Day Tournament (Solon, OH) (3 Varsity Teams) (Harvard Fall) RESULTS
  21. March 7th: Yellow Jacket Invitational (Sidney, OH)  (3 Teams) (HERMES) RESULTS
  22. March 14th: Ohio State History Bowl (Tipp City, OH)  (1 Team) RESULTS
  23. March 21st: Michigan Middle School State Championship (Novi, MI) (Staffers) RESULTS
  24. March 28th-29th: Texas Invitational VI (San Antonio, TX) (1 Varsity Team) MUT RESULTS / NAQT RESULTS
  25. April 11th: NAQT Michigan State Championship (Ann Arbor, MI) (3 Varsity–1 Waitlisted) (IS-146) RESULTS
  26. April 17th-18th: Michigan High School Quiz Bowl State Championship (East Lansing, MI) (1 Varsity Team) (KMO States)
  27. April 18th: ACF Nationals (Ann Arbor, MI) (1 Varsity Team) (ACF Nationals) RESULTS
  28. April 25-26: National History Bowl and Bee (1 Varsity Team) BEE RESULTS
  29. May 16th: UAIS Spring Invitational (4 Varsity Teams) (Utica, MI) (SSNCT) RESULTS
  30. May 30th-31st: NAQT HSNCT (Chicago, IL) (HSNCT) RESULTS
  31. June 6th-7th: PACE NSC (Reston, VA) (PACE) NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!


A Team (Jack Watts (captain), Austin Foos, Conner Reynolds, Joshua Cantie, Alex La Forest, Ean Maloney, Denis Tchaouchev, Andrius Gobis, Conor Nailos)

  • Overall Record: 250-52
  • In-State Record: 24-3
  • Tournament Wins: 12
  • NAQT State Champions (5th consecutive year)
  • 3rd at NAQT HSNCT

B Team (Andrius Gobis (captain), Conor Nailos, Alex La Forest, Ean Maloney, Austin Morton, Dan Ryan, Luke Stevenson, Keith Melong, Joshua Cantie, Conner Reynolds)

  • Overall Record: 136-56
  • In-State Record: 20-4
  • Tournament Wins: 2
  • 21st at NAQT HSNCT
  • 17th at PACE NSC

C Team (Denis Tchaouchev, Conor Nailos, Austin Morton, Cole Zaremski, Keith Melong, Will Lamarra, Alex La Forest, Josh Cantie, Cassandra Mansuetti)

  • Overall Record: 97-54
  • In-State Record: 15-5
  • Tournament Wins: 0
  • 53rd at NAQT NSC
  • 41st at PACE NSC

D Team (Austin Morton, Cassandra Mansuetti, Will Lamarra, Josh George, Jonah Fanning, Nathaniel Pascual, Brandon Reynolds, Robert Crawford)

  • Overall Record: 37-35
  • In-State Record: 10-8
  • Tournament Wins: 0

JV A Team (Austin Morton, Cassandra Mansuetti, Will Lamarra, Joshua George)

  • Overall Record: 26-1
  • Tournament Wins: 2

JV B Team (Liam Ryan, Blake Mather, James Wegienka)

  • Overall Record: 4-4

Freshmen A Team (Robert Crawford, Jonah Fanning, Nathaniel Pascual, Chintan Maheshwari, Brandon Reynolds, Jacob Smith)

  • Overall Record: 37-30
  • vs. Varsity Opponents: 19-20
  • vs. JV Opponents: 15-9
  • vs. Freshmen Opponents: 3-0
  • Tournament Wins: 1

Freshmen B Team (Nick Brown, Lance Bassett, Jackson Fryer, Brandon Reynolds, Chintan Maheshwari)

  • Overall Record: 19-10
  • vs. JV Opponents: 17-9
  • vs. Freshmen Opponents: 2-1

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