Seniors: Nic Baumgartner, Robert Cernak, David Ciccarelli (captain), Ryan Dillon, Brett Kusch, Matt Messana, Connor Teevens, Kevin Wegienka, Chris Wolfe

Juniors: Matt Barnauskas, Bobby Dorigo-Jones, Connor Gibney, Jimmy Haubert, Evan Joseph, Hunter McDaniel, Alex Morgan, Bobby Peterson, Aaron Walters

Sophomores: Matt Barnauskas, Evan Creel-Gould, Paul Hamilton, Mark Karabajakian, Collin Parks, Brandon Roach, Mitchell Vitez 

Freshmen: Tad Conrado, Kyle Devine, Gerrit Hartwig, Dan  Jennings, Luke Kohlmeyer,  Doug Schmeider, Joe Williams, Matt Wolfe, Matt Zahari

Head Coach: Jason Jones

Assistant Coaches: Benjamin Herman, Christopher Gismondi

The Catholic Central Varsity Academic Team finished off the 2010-2011 season with two state titles, winning both the KMO and NAQT State Championships.  The Varsity A and B teams took first and second place at the NAQT State Championship in March with the outcome of the final match separating the two teams by a mere ten points.  The Varsity A Team was represented by seniors Ryan Dillon, David Ciccarelli, Matt Messana, Robert Cernak, junior Bobby Dorigo-Jones, and sophomore Brandon Roach.  Representing the Varsity B Team were seniors Connor Teevens, Chris Wolfe, Kevin Wegienka, juniors Jimmy Haubert, Connor Gibney, and Alex Morgan.  In April the Varsity A Team took first place at the KMO State Championship defeating Dexter High School by a score of 425-325.  Senior Robert Cernak was named to the Michigan All-Academic Team.  It also marked the first undisputed state championship since the 2006 season.

The Varsity B Team competed against some of the best academic teams in the country at the invitation only NAQT National Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.  The B Team made it all the way to the quarterfinals, finishing 8th a field of 224 teams.  Representing Catholic Central’s Varsity B Team were seniors Connor Teevens, Robert Cernak, juniors Jimmy Haubert, Alex Morgan, Aaron Walters, sophomore Collin Parks.  In Evanston, Illinois, the Varsity A Team finished in tenth place at the PACE National Tournament.  Representing the A Team were seniors Connor Teevens, Matt Messana, Ryan Dillon, David Ciccarelli, junior Bobby Dorigo-Jones, and sophomore Brandon Roach.

The Varsity A Team finished its season with an overall record of 194-31.  The A Team brought home ten individual tournament titles and the freshmen and junior varsity teams earned nine more, for a combined total of 19 tournament victories in five different states for Catholic Central Academic Teams.

The Freshmen team coached by second year coach Christopher Gismondi won four tournament championships at the novice division.  The Junior Varsity Team coached by third year coach Ben Herman won five tournament championships in three different states on the junior varsity level.  Considering the successes had by the Freshmen and Junior Varsity Teams this year, the Academic Team seems well-positioned to continue its success for several years in the future.


  1. DCC Fall Novice (Novi, MI) (Fall Novice- 4 JV teams) RESULTS
  2. Illinois ABT Earlybird (Champagne, IL) (2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  3. Tippecanoe Academic Challenge (Tipp City, OH) (NAQT IS-99A- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  4. RMHS Fright (Rockville, MD) (HSAPQ-16- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  5. Novi Wildcat III (Novi, MI) (NAQT IS-98, NAQT IS-91A) (4 varsity teams, 3 JV teams) RESULTS
  6. BRAVE Falcon (Bowling Green, OH) (NAQT IS-97A) (3 varsity, 3 JV teams) RESULTS
  7. U of M Autumn Classic (Ann Arbor, MI) (NAQT IS-100) (3 varsity teams) RESULTS
  8. Huskie Bowl (DeKalb, IL) (1 varsity team) RESULTS
  9. Culver Invitational (Culver, IN) (NAQT IS-101A- 1 varsity team, 2 JV teams) RESULTS (Varsity) / RESULTS (JV)
  10. Olmsted Fall Invitational (Olmsted Falls, OH) (NAQT IS-96- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  11. Rube Goldberg (East Lansing, MI) (NAQT IS-102- 4 varsity teams) RESULTS
  12. Solon Harvard Fall Tournament (Solon, OH) (HFT- 1 varsity team) RESULTS
  13. SAT/ACT (Solon, OH) (2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  14. Prison Bowl (New York, NY) (Prison Bowl- 1 varsity team) RESULTS
  15. NAQT State Championship (Ann Arbor, MI) (NAQT IS-105- 4 varsity teams) RESULTS
  16. March Madness (East Lansing, MI) (NAQT IS-104- 4 varsity teams) RESULTS
  17. Midwest Championship (Culver, IN) (NAQT DII-SCT- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  18. NAQT High School National Championship (Chicago, IL) (HSNCT- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS
  19. PACE National Scholastic Championship (Evanston, IL) (PACE NSC- 2 varsity teams) RESULTS


A Team (David Ciccarelli (captain), Ryan Dillon, Matt Messana, Connor Teevens, Robert Cernak, Bobby Dorigo-Jones, Brandon Roach)

  • Overall Record: 194-31
  • Tournament Wins: 10
  • MHSCT State Champions
  • NAQT State Champions
  • 13th at NAQT HSNCT
  • 10th at PACE NSC

B Team (Connor Teevens (captain), Robert Cernak, Jimmy Haubert,  Alex Morgan, Aaron Walters, Collin Parks, Matt Barnauskas)

  • Overall Record: 84-34
  • Tournament Wins: 0
  • NAQT State Runner-up
  • 8th at NAQT HSNCT
  • 29th at PACE NSC

C Team (Collin Parks, Mark Karabajakian, Bobby Peterson, Michael Dimango, Mitchell Vitez, Paul Hamilton, Aaron Walters, Brett Kusch, Matt Barnauskas, Evan Creel-Gould, Matt Wolfe, Hunter McDaniel)

  • Overall Record: 40-18

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