2020-2021 Roster:

Seniors: Michael Roycht, Logan Welter

Juniors: Matthew Abraham, Liam Cross, John Greene, Joel Jaskolski, Andrew Laroo, Jude Laskey, Declan Lee, Nico Pascual, Patrick Szendro, Gavin Williams, Michael Yousif

Sophomores: Dominic Aiello, Joe Burke, Will Carstens, Anthony Chalhoub, Andrew Kil, Aidan Kinsella, Will Minnick

Freshmen: Joseph Abramoski, Dominic Apap, Augustine Cabello, Patricio Ezdebski, Lucas Jraiche, Oliver Kammeraad, Danny Moore, Josh Rothert, Francis Toma, Henry Yoho

Head Coaches: Ben Herman and Christopher Gismondi      Assistant Coach: Anthony Cornish

2020-2021 Schedule and Results

  1. Septemeber 13th- AQBL September Tournament- AQBL September Set (Online) RESULTS
  2. September 19th- The Scottie (Online)_Scottie Set (2 Teams) RESULTS
  3. October 10th- TQBA Kickoff Tournament- IS-195 (Online) (4 teams) RESULTS
  4. October 17th- ACF Fall- ACF Fall Set (Online) (2 teams) RESULTS
  5. October 24th- LIT High School Mirror- LIT Set (Online 1 team) AND AQBL October- AQBL October Set (4 teams) LIT RESULTS / AQBL: Varsity RESULTSJV RESULTS
  6. October 25th- QBlitz October Challenge (1 team) 
  7. November 7th- ACF Winter- ACF Winter Set (1 team) RESULTS
  8. November 14th- AQBL November Tournament- CATT Set (3 teams) RESULTS
  9. November 21st- Houston Holiday Hoedown- IS-197 (3 varsity and 3 JV teams) RESULTS
  10. November 22nd- QBlitz November Challenge (1 team)
  11. November 28th- Matt Cyanovich Memorial Tournament- MCMT Set (4 teams) RESULTS
  12. December 12th- AQBL Novice- SCOP Novice Set (4 JV teams) RESULTS
  13. December 12th- Reindeer Games- STASH Set (2 Varsity teams)
  14. December 13th- Qblitz December Challenge
  15. December 19th- Purdue Boilermaker Buzzathon- IS-198A (2 teams) RESULTS
  16. January 9th- Upper Midwest BOAT- RAFT Set (3 teams) RESULTS
  17. January 16th- DART Main Site- DART Set (4 teams) RESULTS
  18. January 17th- QBlitz January Challenge (1 team)
  19. January 23rd- Atlantic/Midwest LONE STAR-Lone Star Set (5 teams) RESULTS
  20. January 30th- White Station Tournament (4 teams) IS-200A RESULTS
  21. February 13th- Upper Midwest Prison Bowl (3 teams) RESULTS; Solon Comet Clash (1 Team) RESULTS
  22. February 21st- QBlitz February Challenge (1 team)
  23. February 27th- WUHSAC XXIII (BHSAT) (3 teams) RESULTS
  24. April 3rd- LIST IX (Saturnalia Set) (2 teams) RESULTS
  25. April 10th- Traditional Academic Tournament (Spring Undergraduate Novice Set) (1 team) RESULTS
  26. April 11th- IPNCT (Individual players)
  27. April 17th- Michigan State Championship (1 team) STATE CHAMPS!
  28. May 1st- WORKSHOP Mirror (1 team) RESULTS
  29. May 15th- Texas Invitational (2 teams) RESULTS
  30. May 28th and 29th- NAQT HSNCT (2 teams) RESULTS
  31. June 5th and 6th- PACE NSC (1 team) RESULTS
  32. June 26th and 27th AQBL ONCT (1 team) RESULTS


A Team (Drew Laroo (captain), Michael Yousif, Liam Cross, Jude Laskey, Will Carstens, Nico Pascual, Patrick Szendro)

  • Overall Record: 192-70
  • In-state Record: 28-7
  • Tournament Wins: 9

B Team (Logan Welter (captain), Will Carstens, Joel Jaskolski, Declan Lee, James Hogg, Nico Pascual, Diego Cabello, Joe Burke, Matt Abraham)

  • Overall Record: 87-71
  • In-state Record: 15-11
  • Tournament Wins:

C Team (Michael Roycht (captain), Matt Abraham, Diego Cabello, James Hogg, Joel Jaskolski, Patrick Szendro, Declan Lee)

  • Overall Record: 51-59-1

D Team (Aidan Kinsella (captain), Joe Burke, Anthony Chalhoub, Dominic Aiello, Lucas Jraiche, Patricio Ezdebski, Henry Yoho, Augustine Cabello) 

  • Overall Record: 33-46