Varsity: Andy Koziol, Hernan Munoz, Doug Connolly, Jason Harris, Jeff Proctor, Clint McDonell, Adam Borchert

Junior Varsity: Mike Buchanan, Patrick Medado, Greg Van Hoey, Mike Curle, Scott Chemello, Greg Ayres, Steve Andriola, Greg Tracey, Brad Floyd, Ben Mumma

Novice: Geoff Rahie, James Watts, Dustin Davis, Rohan Kamath, Mitt Bieniek, James Thompson, Dave Jackett, Chris Marco, John Rajlich, Mike Phipps, Richard Dixon, Keith Kmpoltowicz, Chris Parrott, Joe Addison, Chris Jensen, Niki Piotrowski, Shaun Cardozo, Marcus Hosman, Andrew Flowerday

Head Coach: Howard Weinberg

Led by coaches Howard Weinberg and Linda Welborn, the academic teams were quite successful in 1994.  Team members placed fourth in the history competition at the Michigan Social Studies Olympiad.  Any Koziol finished second at the American Studies (Citizen Bee) regional tournament.  The Novice, J.V., and Varsity combined for a very impressive record.

Split into two teams, the novice division won three tournaments, posting a combined record of 55-26, and was ranked number one in the country in the spring computer competition against other freshmen teams in the nation.  At the junior varsity level the team won two tournaments while posting an overall record of 45-11.

One varsity team had an overall record of 69-24, won four tournament championships, and a league title.  In the national tournament at St. Louis University, the team placed second, losing a close championship game.

  • Overall Record: 69-24
  • Tournament Wins: 4

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