Varsity: Steve Andriola, Greg Ayres, Ben Mumma, Mike Buchanan, Hernan Munoz, Chris Marco, Clint McDonell, Brad Floyd

Junior Varsity: Nick Piotrowski, Marcus Hosman, James Thompson, Scott Chemello, Greg Van Hoey, Rohan Kamath, James Watts, John Rajlich, Chris Jensen, Pat Medado, Mike Phipps, Andrew Flowerday, Mike Curle, Chris Parrott

Novice: M. Monette, K. Pletzke, M. Leninger, M. Herzog, E. Carlson, J. Edwards, B. Musto, J. Rohde, K. Kulacki, M. Conklin, J. Eppley, A. Murray, J. Sikorski, J. DiGirolamo, J. Braziulnas, O. McCord, M. Bauer, J. Bauer

Head Coach: Howard Weinberg

The three divisions of the academic team were more active than ever in 1995.  The novice, junior varsity, and varsity divisions of the team combined for a record of 246 victories in 316 games while capturing a total of 26 trophies and awards.

Split into two teams, the novice division of Coach Welborn won three tournaments and a league title while posting a combined record of 65-24.  The story was even better at the junior varsity level.  In this division, Coach Sroka’s players won five tournaments and a league title while posting an overall record of 89-20.

Meanwhile, the varsity team of Coach Weinberg enjoyed one of its most productive seasons.  The team posted an overall record of 96-26 while bringing home a total of ten trophies and awards.  It was in post-season play that the team its greatest success.  In a national tournament at St. Louis University, CC captured second place by posting eight victories before being edged in the championship game 315-270 by Eisenhower High School, Washington, MI.

  • Overall Record: 96-26
  • Tournament Wins: unknown

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