Varsity A: Clint McDonnel (captain), Hernan Munoz, Michael Buchanan, Greg Van Hoey, Chris Marco, Scott Chemelo, Mike Curle, Patrick Medado, Rohan Kamath

Varsity B: Mike Conklin, Mike Leninger, Jason Sikorski, Marcus Hosman, Andrew Flowerday, Niki Piotrowski, Tom Sirgedas, James Watts, Jeremy Bauer, James Thompson, Rohan Kamath, Adam Murray, Kevin Pletzke, John Rajlich, Chris Parrott

Junior Varsity: Jeff Kruszzewski, Corey Mason, Joe Stanevich, Stefan Bankowski, Mike Monahan, David Demray, Matt Nick, Brian Hannah, Mike Ryzyi, Justin Taloa, Don Tach, Shane Hill

Novice: Mike Melnick, Vince Crafton, Kyle Skian, Joe Adams, Andy Cubba, Jim Curtiss, Tim Mitzel, Jesse Norman, Mark Walkuski, Paul Cusick, Vince Gusty

Head Coach: Howard Weinberg

Assistant Coaches: Lynn Welborn, Atilla Tislerics

The three divisions of the academic team each set records for games played and victories in 1996.  The novice, junior varsity, and varsity divisions of the team combined for a record setting 343 victories in 404 games while capturing a total of 49 trophies and awards.  Split into two teams, the novice division of Coaches Welborn and Tislerics won four tournaments and a league title while posting a combined record of 88-19.  Most impressive, in the Quest computer competition among top 9th grade scholastic quiz teams from coast to coast, the combined freshman team ranked first in the nation.  At the junior varsity level, Coach Sroka’s players won two tournaments and a league title while posting an overall record of 92-23.  Meanwhile, the varsity team of Coach Weinberg enjoyed a remarkable season.  The two teams posted an overall record of 163-19 while bringing home twenty-two trophies and awards.  The players won a total of eleven championships including first place finishes in the Vanderbilt University Invitational in November, the Bowling Green State University Invitational in January and the Michigan Class A State Tournament in April.  The state championship was the fourth for the team in a nine year span.  In post season play, CC posted a 6-1 recrod to finish fifth in a field of 125 teams in the national tournament played at Marymount University, Arlington Virginia.

  • Overall Record: 163-19
  • Tournament Wins: 11
  • MHSCT State Championship (1st in 5 years)
  • 5th at Nationals

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