September 6th:

  • Lit: American Novelists
  • Hist: India

September 13th:

  • Phil/S.S.: Intro to Psychology pt. I
  • Geo: American Rivers

September 20th:

  • Lit: American Poets
  • Hist: Chinese Dynasties

September 27th:

  • Phil/SS: Greek Philosophers
  • Geo: European Rivers

October 4th:

  • Lit: American Playwrights and Short Storyists
  • Hist: Presidents

October 11th:

  • Phil/SS: Intro to Psychology pt. II
  • Geo: Asian Rivers

October 18th:

  • Lit: Miscellaneous American Writers
  • Hist: Wars Pt. I

October 25th

  • Phil/SS: Medieval Philosophers
  • Geo: Asian Mountains


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